Accept credit charges at 0% cost with surcharging.

Eliminate credit card costs by passing fees along to your customers.

100% compliant and trusted by thousands of users.

For United States Based Merchants processing over $10K per month.*

No hidden fees | Unlimited support | $0 cancellation costs | Free Desktop Terminal*

Are you tired of shouldering the burden of credit card rewards programs?
It’s time to reclaim control of your bottom line.

Banks are cleverly shifting the cost of cash back rewards, air miles, and other perks onto merchants like you. They tout these benefits to cardholders, knowing full well that it’s merchants who foot the bill. But fear not; there’s a solution within your reach.

By encouraging your customers to pay with debit cards, you can bypass these unnecessary expenses altogether. No extra cost, no hidden fees—just straightforward transactions that benefit both you and your customers.

Should your customers choose to pay with credit cards, we’ve implemented a nominal 3.00% fee to cover the associated costs. However, here’s the kicker: this fee isn’t just another expense for you to fret over. We’ve structured it to offset your credit card processing costs, effectively shielding it from taxation and boosting your bottom line.

Imagine the savings. Imagine the financial freedom. By making a simple switch in payment methods, you can enjoy significant monthly savings while maintaining the quality of service your customers expect.

Join us in this strategic move towards financial empowerment. Embrace debit card transactions and watch as your profits soar. It’s time to take charge of your finances and pave the way for a brighter future.

*Merchants processing less than $10,000 per month qualify to receive a modern DejaVoo terminal at a wholesale cost of $199.

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