Increasing Cart Conversion Rate

As you work to improve your site’s checkout rate, start with best practices before moving on to AB testing. You want to build on a solid structure. What do I mean?

  1. Https:
  2. Well-established digital presence, some physical contact info
  3. UX validated for desktop/mobile/tablet for chrome/safari/edge
  4. Checkout buttons are large, contrasted, legible and for mobile: within the thumb’s radius
  5. Necessary check out fields only, that fit well within different device resolution real-estates

AB Testing Suggestions

  1. Progress bars for checkout
  2. Sticky headers/footers
  3. Discounts during holiday periods (less impact during standard periods)
  4. Scarcity promotion (“This great deal ends by…”)
  5. Apple/Google Pay – no extra charge to merchants and requires no data entry

Need more AB testing suggestions? How about better processing rates?